Our Upper Room Youth Ministry is led by Michael Pruitte.  Bro. Mike  has faithfully served our church for over 20 years. He and his wife Raye have two daughters and a son along with two grandchildren. Raye is a school teacher and faithfully works in our children's ministries.     

The main purpose of our Youth Ministry is not to entertain. It is to stimulate thoughts and emotions, which will draw our youth closer to God and will inspire them to pattern their attitudes and acts according to the teachings of Jesus.

Our primary goal is to feature the personality of Jesus in such a way, that youth will accept Him as savior and Lord.

We strive to help teenagers learn more about the Bible and to grow in understanding and appreciation of it as a revelation of God and as an inspiration and guide to man.

Our Youth Ministry is designed to encourage the development of CHRISTIAN CHARACTER, by following Christ like principles.