Debbie w.

           Interpreter: Debbie Ward

If you are seeking a church family and want to see God’s word expressed in American Sign Language. We welcome you to visit us any Sunday for a worship service and class.

At Buford Grove Baptist, we are committed to helping those who seek the fellowship of a church family and weekly worship, yet feel separated from traditional services because of their communication needs.

Every Sunday, the worship services at Buford Grove include an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter for both Sunday services and Wednesday evening service. We are blessed with a talented and committed interpreter, Debbie Ward, who enjoys expressing the worship service through her artful and animated signing. For the best view of the interpreter, come down to the front pews near the pulpit. Family, friends, and students who are learning ASL are welcome!

Learning sign language is more than memorizing signs. It includes deaf culture, conveying concepts, and non-manual markers. Buford Grove offers sign language classes for those interested in learning how to sign. Contact Debbie Ward for information on this ministry or classes.